The result of having too much time:
sandwiches 15

sandwiches 1

sandwiches 3

sandwiches 4

There are more pics, don’t forget to view the rest of the article!

sandwiches 5

sandwiches 6

sandwiches 7

sandwiches 8

sandwiches 9

sandwiches 10

sandwiches 11

sandwiches 12

sandwiches 17

sandwiches 18

sandwiches 19

sandwiches 20

sandwiches 22

sandwiches 24

sandwiches 25

sandwiches 27

sandwiches 28

sandwiches 29

sandwiches 30

sandwiches 32

sandwiches 34


  1. Van Says:

    sweet baby jesus ..

  2. Joeke Says:

    hmm, yes definitely too much spare time :D
    Very creative though!

  3. Freyahh Says:

    WOW! That’s my kinda sandwich :P

  4. Michael Says:

    Hilarious, look too good to eat.

  5. Justin Says:

    I’m not sure how you would make money doing this, but I sure hope that you do.

  6. Jerri Says:

    Wow-if that’s a ‘pay-job’, give it to me-it look’s fun. And all that balogna… husband would love that!

  7. Mandi Says:

    This is awesome! I am totally going to try and make sammiches (spelling intentional) like these!

  8. Unsal Says:

    *chomp* Go easy on the mayo Mandi, and I’ll be over!

  9. Robin McKain Says:

    GREAT WORK!! From one food artist to another! Check out my site

  10. honey Says:

    they look creative!! go on!! try newthings!!!!!!

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  12. Juicey Says:

    I’m sorry but none of these are functional, as in none of them can be eaten properly. So really it’s just retarded but then so is art.

  13. vmos Says:

    if you can’t eat it, it’s not a sammich

    it’s just a food sculpture featuring bread

  14. Gary Says:

    This is so good haha

  15. NoMi Says:

    good work =D

  16. Julie Says:

    They are wonderful fun little sandwiches, would look nice on a buffet table as decorations…

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  18. thustler Says:

    Is it just me or does the 10th one up from the bottom look like a penis?
    Tom Hustler ;-)

  19. poisoner Says:

    I will just have to give this a shout on my blog tomorrow – awesome!

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  21. chunkbot Says:

    mmm balogna and olive loaf. what a tasty sandwich.

  22. michi Says:

    Wow! This is a great list. They are too cute to eat.

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  24. Adam Says:

    I don’t think I could eat them :P I’d feel bad.

  25. Noddegamra Says:

    Wow! They are amazing!!! A great find! :)

    (im hungry now!!! d’oh!)

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  27. Save Says:

    They look fun AND delicious!

  28. Phil Me Baget Says:


  29. Donna Says:

    Look like something to paint rather than eat.Pure artestry.

  30. Nina Says:

    Just curious…. did these come out of a russian book?

  31. CV Rick Says:

    That is completely brilliant!!

    Now I’m hungry.

  32. Steve Says:

    Wow, I kinda want to try these….granted it’s almost lunch time….they look so good!

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  34. d6 Says:

    That is some sketchy looking lunch meat.

  35. traffic Says:

    This is so gay..

  36. Ben Says:

    Where is the website?

  37. bong nenok Says:

    this sucks.. only faggots would eat that shit

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  40. ati Says:

    This is a true inspiration to all sandwichers.

    I love you.

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  43. Albena Says:

    they are very….uu..nice

  44. Eswara moorthy Says:


    This is first time i am seeing this website

    Woww, all sandwiches are excellent

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  47. Bill the hedgehog Says:

    You people make me sick… all this wasted food. You realize at least 2 people starve per day, and you make “art” out of food. You should be ashamed of yoursleves

  48. Kate Says:


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  50. Mônica Isabel Says:

    Hummmmm…. Que delícia!!!
    Deu até água na boca.
    Também quero um!

  51. Adam Says:

    @Bill the hedgehog

    According the the UN its closer to 25,000 per day (in 2003).

    Believe it or not there are plenty of organizations trying to help these people. For all you know its possible the people that made these profited and donated the money to people starving…who knows…

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  53. disha Says:

    mmmmm feeling hungry

  54. disha Says:

    mmmmm yummmmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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  58. lix40 Says:

    Sweeeeeeeet – I wanna eat something now :)

  59. Pinky Says:


  60. Nancy Brown Says:

    Loved the picks of sandwiches, and love the web site

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  63. Trudy Light Says:

    It must be food! It made my hungry to look at it!

  64. Nancy Says:

    This would be a secial surprise fir a child, dear friend or lover!!!

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  66. Lonni Says:

    WOW what great ideas when we use our imagination !!!

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  68. Leprechawn Says:

    Def too much time on someone’s hands, prob a student using taxpayers money – lol

  69. risingsun1234 Says:

    this is a geat food art. it’s not made by someone who has a lot of time but i think it is some part of food decoration or expo kind of thing. looks very good

  70. Anita Says:

    I love it! I would definitely try a few of these when people/family comes over. I know they’d be a hit!

  71. Sherrylynn Says:

    MMMM….I want one!

  72. Jules Says:

    they are so cute!!!!

  73. Kathy Says:

    Amazing!! Great Job

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  75. Philippe Roy Says:

    …as a photographer I kinda feel like saying that it’s not the photography that’s awesome, because it’s really not impressive to my eyes, but rather the food styling!

    But, that’s just me being picky!

  76. Richard Says:

    Robin McKain I went to your site, you look great I would eat both of you girls. Send a sample.

  77. Julia Says:

    The author of theese sandwiches lives in Russia. Her name is Irina Stepanova. By the way she has some books about creative cooking. You look 2 books on this page:

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