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The theme is inspired by the movie Little Miss Sunshine.

User comment at IMDB:

More than a fresh ray of sunshine!

Here is a film that lives up to the expectations of a very funny trailer. It’s an oddball comedy, and it’s dark, and it’s funny, and it’s touching, and it will charm the pants off many in the audience. Here is a simple story in which our lovely contestant and her family try to find their way to California so that she can prove to the world she is not a loser! The premise itself can lead to years of therapy for a family that should get a group rate in psychiatric care.

Expert editing and superb comedic performances from all the principals involved will have many overlook the fact that the plot line is a little too contrived at times. The set pieces will have the audience howling with laughter as we see different characters trying to overcome some pretty irreverent obstacles. The scene at the gas station contains moments of deep sadness and offbeat humor, something that Carrell pulls off wonderfully, and none will be able to look at the trunk of a car, some dubious literary material, and highway patrol the same way after seeing the infamous scene in the film.

The best is of course, saved for last, and by this time we are waiting for something outrageous which “Little Miss Sunshine” delivers unapologetically. A classic track will probably be recharged for a new generation, as the bonds of family precariously balance a moment that could be as tacky as they come.

“Sunshine” is one of the best things to come out of American cinema this year, an original film that relies on a script that understands the differences between generations in the same family. It doesn’t explain why each character is as quirky as can be, and it doesn’t build much background because it is not needed to make the film work. Kinnear, Colette, Abigail, Arkin, and Correll are a fine team and keep the film’s feel fresh throughout the film. Here is a family that has no special qualities or powers, a family that will make us rejoice that creativity is still alive in Hollywood, a film that will provide us with plenty of much needed sunshine in an otherwise pretty dull summer

If you haven’t seen the movie: go and see it! I can recommend it to everyone.


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    Nice theme!

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  5. Retro Says:

    I just love a cool classic car like a convertible Cutlass. I see them all the time in movies and TV now.

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