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Above you can see the amount of traffic for Amsterdamn for the last 4 months. Somewhere 3 months ago I decided that it was time to check out how much SEO can mean for our website. Therefore I didn’t see the value of SEO for Amsterdamn. I really did not care about visitors and exposure. This was just a place where I could post about one of the things that I love to do in my free time: WordPress themes. But it turned out that a lot of people were interested in my work. And what’s the best way to reach the rest of the world? Search Engine Optimization!

Everything that you need to know about SEO is available online. It’s easier than you think. You could think about buying a book about SEO, but that’s only if you are too lazy to do some research for yourself. But it’s always ok to check out different sources. It will take you a while to master SEO. There is A LOT of information online about it. And you will need to read a lot in order to get an overview about the different techniques. But in essence it’s really easy.

You first check out what the search engines like…..and then you take a look at which keywords you want to rank high. And don’t forget to check out what your competition is doing. Why do they rank so high? Take a look and copy what they do, and try to do it even better. That’s basically what I did. I do have to admit that I already had experience with SEO and using it. Therefore it wasn’t that difficult. But as you can see: the result is good. The search engines seem to love Amsterdamn. Compared to 3/4 months ago the traffic will double, at least. I’ll give you some quick and easy tips: seo plugins , good hosting, incoming links and lots of content!

The rest is up to you…..good luck with getting more traffic! It’s not rocket science…..

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